Videographer. Creator. Storyteller.

My wife and I; Jocelyn and Ray Steven Guadron always  had a passion for creating and sharing. From capturing moments at a family party and weddings to sharing businesses stories for promotions and marketing. Being experienced working in the professional private and public sectors; We have gained valuable experience in organization, planning, and communication. All of our professional experience is what we bring to every video shoot; preparation before, organized during, and with detailed editing. Being able to sit down and discuss the goal of the video is important to us to make sure the video will be enjoyed and shared with others. We not only take our time to understand what is needed but we take time to ensure a wonderful video is produced to share and enjoy. 

With a stabilized camera on the ground and in the air; every angle will be captured to create that perfect video. Using the latest in software editing; the creation of the video will not only be memorable but cinematic as well. Videos are produced in HD and 4K quality; sharing and posting will be with an ease as I can also assist in making sure it's posted and shared anywhere you'd like.  

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